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How to convert a test project to a normal class library

Sometimes you make mistakes. One of the ones I make most often while using Visual Studio is creating a new project of the wrong type. Usually, creating using just the same one I usually created.

And just now, I added a unit test project to a project I was working on. Great, so that’s one job done. Now I needed to add the class library it was going to test – and added another unit test library. Doh!

Turns out this is fixable – simply edit the project file (the “Productivity Power Tools” extension provides a shortcut to this, if you don’t have it already) and remove the line:
then save and reload the project – which turns out to be easier than I thought.

Can’t claim I invented this trick – I found it the other way round on Adam Prescott‘s blog. But I’m putting it here because I know I’ll forget it, next time I need it.

Visual Studio 2010

Betas for Visual Studio 2010 and .Net framework 4 are publicly available. I’m intening to rebuild my Windows 7 beta with the release candidate, so they will go straight on there. More as I find it out 🙂

First fail for Windows 7….

…and it’s a Microsoft product, of course. Actually, it’s the setup for Visual Studio 2008 Express. Everything works fine, other than SQL Server Express 2008 and Visual Web Developer 2008. Given that VWD was what I was really interested in, it looks like back to 2005Read More »

Visual Studio 2008? Wait for SP1…

Having upgraded from VS 2005 Express to VS 2008, I was surprised to find that ASP highlighting and Intellisense didn’t work – it treated the code as plain text. A classic Microsoft decision, to desupport something they’re already committed to supporting.

A bit of digging around though, and I worked out two things. One, M$ intended to completely desupport Classic ASP. Which would be fine, except that…

…by the time Visual Studio Express 2008 Service Pack 1 came out (which it hasn’t yet), they’re already backtracking, claiming it wasn’t desupported, just not working – but will be fixed in SP1.

And people wonder why Gates never ran for president? Seems that liars never prosper – as Hillary Clinton (someone I used to hope would be in charge that side of the pond) seems to be finding out.