Convert Access 2007 forms to 97

You might be surprised by this, but you can still back convert Access 2007 forms, reports and modules to Access 97! (Why is another matter, of course, but let’s presume that you need to…)

OK, first of all, you need to export them to text, which is explained here in far more detail than I care to explain it.

So now, when you fire up Access 97, and try and convert them by running this line:

Application.LoadFromText acForm, "YourFormName", 

It fails, right? Well, you can easily change that by editing the text file itself… Continue reading “Convert Access 2007 forms to 97”

Why can’t you call a Windows folder ‘CON’?

After reading this quite interesting – and entertaining – list of 25 things you didn’t know about Windows to celebrate Windows’ 25th anniversary, I got to wondering…

Number 23 says you can’t name a Windows folder “CON”. Try it. Create a folder on the desktop and call it CON, it’ll rename to “new folder”. Why? Actually, the answer’s simple… Continue reading “Why can’t you call a Windows folder ‘CON’?”

Using Getright as download manager in Ubuntu


GetRight logo
Version:6.3e (April 2009)

Yes, GetRight. The Windows-only, paid-for, shareware download manager. Running on Linux. But before you ask – why? Continue reading “Using Getright as download manager in Ubuntu”

Kubuntu 8.10


Licence:mainly GPL
Version:8.10 (Oct 2008)

Never having tried Ubuntu (or at least, got it working), I decided to take the plunge and “borrow” a few gig of space from another partition to install Kubuntu on (I’ve always been keen KDE and wanted to play with KOffice.) Continue reading “Kubuntu 8.10”