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OK here we go – here’s every download link to every Ernest Pike or Herbert Payne recording I’ve found on the web. The icons (which are direct download links where available) indicate file format (see key to the right). Recordings are sorted by credited artist (or production), then name, with year, record label and catalogue number in brackets. There seems to be a tendency for videoing 78s playing on vintage equipment and posting it on YouTube, so I’ve included a few of those; marked with the YouTube icon, of course.

As far as I know these recordings are all so old that they’re public domain now, but remember – I Am Not A Lawyer. Be that as it may, enjoy…

Herbert Payne
YouTube Down In Bom-Bom-Bay (1915; Zonophone)
MP3 OGG YouTube In My Aeroplane For Two (1907)
YouTube Redwing (11 Feb 1908; Zonophone: 479)
MP3 WAV Rowing To Hampton Court (1907; Sterling: 756)
MP3 Smoke Clouds (1917)
YouTube Somewhere In France, Dear Mother (1915; Zonophone)
YouTube When The War Is Over, Mother Dear (24 Sep 1915; Zonophone: 1546)
YouTube You Remind Me Of My Mother (Regal)

Ernest Pike
MP3 WAV YouTube Alice, Where Art Thou? (Dec 1907; Zonophone: 749 / Edison Amberol: 12029, reissued as Edison Blue Amberol: 23056)
YouTube An Evening Song (Aug 1906; Sterling Record: 453)
MP3 WAV OGG Ayesha, My Sweet Egyptian (1909; Edison Standard Record: 10125)
YouTube Heroes And Gentlemen (25 Feb 1915; Zonophone: X-3-42293)
MP3 WAV Just For To-Night (with Stanley Kirkby; 1910; Edison Amberol: 486)
MP3 Roses Of Picardy (1917)
MP3 WAV Rowing To Hampton Court (1907; Sterling: 756)
MP3 WAV The Death of Nelson (1910; Edison Amberol: 12010)
MP3 WAV The Death of Nelson (1913; Edison Blue Amberol Record: 23028, reissue of above)
MP3 WAV The Green Isle of Erin (1910; Edison Amberol: 12231)
YouTube The Light Of The World (6 Jul 1905; G&T G.C.3-3216)
YouTube We Sweep The Seas (25 Feb 1915; Zonophone: 1455)
MP3 WAV When Other Lips (Bohemian Girl. Then you’ll remember me) (1906; Sterling Record: 414)

Ernest Pike and Peter Dawson
MP3 OGG YouTube Come Back To Erin (Edison: BA23175)
MP3 WAV Excelsior (1910; Edison Amberol: 12074)
YouTube Solenne in quest ‘ora (14 Jan 1909; Zonophone Grand: X-44118)
YouTube Watchman, What Of The Night (17 Jun 1909; Zonophone: X-44131)

Peter Dawson Quintette
YouTube Christ Arose (Jul 1908; Zonophone: 535)

The Mikado
MP3 Behold The Lord High Executioner (Stanley Kirkby and chorus; 1906)
MP3 Opening Chorus (Sullivan Operatic Party; 1906)
MP3 The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring (Ernest Pike & Stanley Kirkby; 1906)
MP3 The Sun Whose Rays (Eleanor Jones-Hudson; 1906)
MP3 Were You Not To Koko Plighted (Eleanor Jones-Hudson/Ernest Pike; 1906)

HMS Pinafore
Cylinders from the first released version of HMS Pinafore, released in 1907. Cast included Ada Florence, Walter Hyde – and Ernest Pike, of course…
MP3 WAV Never Mind The Why And Wherefore (1907; Sterling Record: 948)
MP3 WAV Farewell My Own (1907; Sterling Record: 951)

Credited to others, but where there’s a strong possibility that Pike was involved…
MP3 FLAC OGG Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May? (Apr 1907; Edison-Bell: 10225)

Updated 18-Sep-2008