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Goodbye Xmarks?

Two days ago, it seemed that XMarks was going to close, forever. It seems that they’ve had a load of comments saying “oh no, what do I do now – they’re the only cross browser sync in the business” (they don’t – sadly – support Opera, but do support Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari, although sadly that last on Mac only).

Turns out there might be a lifeline yet… Here’s the details, and if you can’t wait, just go and pledge to pay between $10 and $20 for a premium service. That’s a year. Yes folks, a year. Sounds like a good deal to me…

Tweet new posts in WordPress…

After a long while not bothering to update WordPress, when I finally got around to installing version 3.1, which I had to do manually, as the automated updated didn’t work (it hasn’t worked in months). Immediately after running the (required) database update, I began getting 500 errors on the site. Not good.Read More »

A suggestion for Google…

I just had an idea for Google.  So, naturally, I did a Google search on “How to I make a suggestion for Google?”.  The top page told me the answer – but it wasn’t on Google’s site!  Anyway, turns out that their is where to put it.

My suggestion? Quite simple. I wanted to type “about:config” in the URL bar, but forgot the colon. I thought it would be kinda neat if Google said “Did you mean about:config?”.

…And we are back!

My regular readers (all both of you) may have noticed that Esotechnica has been offline. I’m sure your curiosity has been insatiable, so why the outage?

That’s easy.

I messed it up.

One control panel – many sites. Too much wine, one wrong click…

Safe to say I won’t be doing that again!