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Yahoo! Download Page

Found this totally by accident while prepping an open source tool you’ll be seeing here soon(ish).

It’s a download page for all Yahoo! products (well, the downloadable ones, anyway). Quite cool if you ask me – why don’t they make more of this?

And Office 97 still works…

I’ve installed Microsoft Office 97 on Windows 7 (and just leeched that spiffy download page I found on the MS website…). I suspect this may be the longest lived version of Office, working as far back as NT 3.51, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and now Win7. I never install that accursed paper clip though…

Virtual Desktops for Windows » Dexpot

Ages ago I started writing an article about things that Windows should blatantly steal for Windows 7.  I never actually finished it, which is why I’ve never published it here, but one of the list I’ve wanted for ages is Virtual Desktops, similar to Linux.

Well, there’s a small freeware (€10 for commercial use) application called “Dexpot” which pretty much does just that.  Almost exactly what it says on the tin, in fact.  It even lets you customise the desktop icons of the running programs too.  Pretty cool.

Oh and for those of you running Windows NT 4 or 2000 still (and why not – they still work), you’ll be glad to know that Dexpot is happy running on both those operating systems  🙂