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…was unexpected. Plugin problem *sigh*.

Avatars are down until I sort it out. Sorry about that.

WordPress auto-updates again!

For a while, I’ve not had WordPress automatic updates working. It’s been time consuming to do them manually. Finally, I found this post on “Varun’s Whiteboard on Technology”.

Turns out my web host (1and1, in case you were wondering) provides both PHP4 and 5. While useful, it confuses WordPress. The solution? Edit the .htaccess file. Simples… when you know how!

So why was nobody voting on the polls?

Because, like a numpty, I disabled the widget. Smart move, that one… NOT!

Anyway, they’re back. Until next time I stuff them up, anyway…

I has a rainbow

I’ve been playing the Orange balloon game quite assiduously. Or should that be obsessively?

Yes, it should.

Anywhy… when I first signed up I thought “well, only someone who was together enough to get a balloon in the first hour will win this.” And I started 30,328 or thereabouts. So, I decided to give everybody I came across (when I was logged in, obviously) a boost. Just one, to help them out. Anyone who was behind me.

So, I started looking at everyone’s balloons. And there I was, 29,328 or so, while some of them were in the 1,000-2,000 bracket. Which meant they weren’t that far behind me. The bastards.

However… I am now about 558 in the rankings. Yes. I am in the top thousand. And with this comes some kind of enlightenment. A well-being, if you will.

I have to approve all comments here (spotted where this is going?)


Leave the tag to show your balloon and I’ll give you five boosts. Someone did it for me, so I’m spreading the love. Leave it here in the comments and you’ll get the five before I approve the comment (unless you’ve got five already).

Before you say I’m a comment pimp (which I am, that’s true), just float your balloon past me and I’ll give you them anyway, without you even getting here. So there. Two ways to get free buddy boosts.

By the way, you can’t give me any – right now, anyway. Because some kind person gave five to me. So that’s wahat I’m doing – paying it forward. Do the same, folks.

And they’re off…

The Orange balloon race starts right now – get your balloon here! Leave me a heads up if you like… let us know how you’re doing 🙂