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I’ve reinstalled my PC. Down to four partitions – the Acer recovery partition (the BIOS insists on it, won’t boot otherwise), 32GB for / (ext4), 4GB of swap and the rest for /home. Yep, no Windows. Except I now have two Windows installs…Read More »

19 Most Effective Open Source Tools For Developers

Just a quick one – if you haven’t seen this yet, Swati Bansal over at ITSpice has an excellent article – 19 Most Effective Open Source Tools For Developers. Great roundup if you haven’t seen it already…

10 mistakes Google is[n’t] making with Chrome OS

I’ve just read this piece on eWeek about ten mistakes Google is already making with Chrome OS.  Some I agreed with, some I disagree with, but I felt stroungly enough to post my answers here…  I advise you to read the eWeek article first, otherwise none of this will make any sense…Read More »

Google’s new Public DNS… worth a look?

Google have launched a new service, called Google Public DNS. DNS, for those that don’t know, is the system that translates a domain name – such as – into the actual address that the computer connects to its services: such as retrieving a web page like this one, retrieving (or sending) your email, downloading a file, or just checking what time it is.

But before I talk about what Google Public DNS is and does, it’s worth reminding ourself what life was like before DNS…Read More »

19th Century Criminal Trials

The Guardian reports that details of criminal trials have been published online in a new archive. Court transcripts aren’t there, but dates and addresses are, so this is more likely useful as a genealogical resource than anything else. Still, another interesting database…