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Does anyone remember the Orange balloon race?



Well, I was sorting out my bookmarks the other day and came across a folder of things I meant to look at from the balloon race, so I thought I’d share them with you. I’ve put them into alphabetical order by sort-of-subject… you’ll get the idea (I hope).

Art, Design & Photography


Environment and living

  • Green upgrader – an excellent blog about living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.




  • Synyx – leadership and management development.



  • Scuba Diving in Egypt – been to Sharm-el-Sheikh, can recommend it, and this looks a great site for info if you’ve never been.


  • Dave Keen – developer for hire, with a nicely designed site.
  • Internet Alphabet – nice A-Z of web sites. Worth printing and pinning on the wall!
  • Simple Content – a nice looking site promoting their CMS product.

I’ve got more but I got bored. Maybe next time 🙂

Useful resources

It’s always nice, when using a new operating system in a virtual machine, to have some apps to look at in it.  So I thought I’d compile a list of some, where to get them, and the usual suspects:, Firefox, Thunderbird and Opera.  Here, then, after a quick scan through my bookmarks is all that I can find.  Use and enjoy.Read More »