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19 Most Effective Open Source Tools For Developers

Just a quick one – if you haven’t seen this yet, Swati Bansal over at ITSpice has an excellent article – 19 Most Effective Open Source Tools For Developers. Great roundup if you haven’t seen it already…

Yahoo! Download Page

Found this totally by accident while prepping an open source tool you’ll be seeing here soon(ish).

It’s a download page for all Yahoo! products (well, the downloadable ones, anyway). Quite cool if you ask me – why don’t they make more of this?


I’ve been using the excellent freeware RSS reader Feedreader for ages; great for keeping up with my RSS feeds (Thunderbird can do much the same, but for some reason I find I prefer Feedreader…)

Having installed it in XP I wanted to portable-ise* it so I could use it in my Windows 7 setup. Turns out – thanks to this post – that it’s rather easy to do…Read More »


Well, here’s a thing. I listen to the Misfits quite a lot (mainly Danzig-era, to be honest), I enjoyed Shaun Of The Dead quite a lot, and I play Left 4 Dead quite a lot. So basically, what I’m trying to say is… well, I quite like zombies.Read More »