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Installing OS/2 Warp in a Virtual Machine

I’ve had OS/2 running in a virtual machine for years; specifically, a Virtual PC one. But I’ve always known that OS/2 has idiosyncracies, such that it won’t run in VMWare (although it’s getting better in VirtualBox).

By change I stumbled on the excellent site OS/2 Museum. The whole site is fascinating, and if you’re interested in the history of OS/2, or Windows, for that matter, it is a great read.

However the post that caught my eye (obviously) was Installing OS/2 in a virtual machine, which finally explained why it’s such a pain to get OS/2 going in a virtualiser.

Still, nice work – makes me want to dig out the zip file I saved it in and relive Warp 3 again, just for a while…

Windows Error Reporting – FAIL

Windows Error Reporting is all well and good, and I’m sure there are many problems that it’s solved. However it managed a classic fail tonight that made me chuckle. Take this error report here:


“Update Spyware Doctor”. Fine. Sounds like a good idea.

Such a good idea that…. it is in fact what I was trying to do when PC Tools “SmartUpdate” crashed, causing the error what I reported to Microsoft’s Error Reporting service, which recommended… can you spell “infinite loop”? 😉

MacOS 7.5.5 on Basilisk ][

Just browsing through the links on here, thinking about checking whether they all still work I decided to have a go with Basilisk ][.Read More »

Think inside the bochs

Bochs logoOriginally started by Kevin Lawton, the bochs project – whose motto is “Think inside the bochs” – maintains the bochs emulator. Bochs aims to emulate – at a reasonable speed and with a fair degree of accuracy – an x86-based 32-bit PC with the AMD 64-bit extensions. It can run most operating systems inside it (as “guest operating systems”, if you prefer the VMWare term), such as Windows (3.1, 95, Vista…), Linux, Minix or one of the BSDs. (They even collect disk images as well). In addition, Bochs also runs on loads of operating systems as well – Windows, BeOS, OSX, Irix, Solaris…Read More »


Fabrice Bellard’s excellent QEMU is up to version 0.9.0 (a Windows port is in alpha stage).

So far, QEMU is the first thing I’ve found that runs Windows 98 and Dungeon Keeper properly.  Virtual PC was fast but couldn’t run anything other than the DOS version, and had problems with screen refresh.  Bochs was slow and clunky.  VritualBox couldn’t run the DirectX version either, and wouldn’t run the DOS version at all.  DOSbox was fine – but had problems with the integrated graphics on the laptop.

QEMU was fast, especially with the kqemu acceleration layer (which works fine on Windows Vista Home Premium, folks).  Couldn’t get the networking going, but it wasn’t really too much to worry about – getting the main game going was the main priority.  🙂