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Using Getright as download manager in Ubuntu


GetRight logo
Version:6.3e (April 2009)

Yes, GetRight. The Windows-only, paid-for, shareware download manager. Running on Linux. But before you ask – why?Read More »

Flock 2.5.6

I haven’t looked at Flock for a long time, so I thought it was time I did. If you’ve not heard about Flock before, it’s a social web browser, which means that it’s designed to integrate with all the social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace, bebo, Twitter, Digg and all the in-crowd. But it also supports your webmail (well, Google, AOL and Yahoo, anyway), has an integrated blog editor that will even support self-hosted blogs (like this one), and even adds Facebook Chat into its own status bar. So what’s not to like?Read More »

Eight things I’d like to see in Office 2010

It may be a bit late for this, but here’s eight things Microsoft could do NOW that would dramatically make my – and judging by some of the web searches I’ve done, lots of other people’s – experience of Office better.Read More »

19 Most Effective Open Source Tools For Developers

Just a quick one – if you haven’t seen this yet, Swati Bansal over at ITSpice has an excellent article – 19 Most Effective Open Source Tools For Developers. Great roundup if you haven’t seen it already…

Fiddler | App of the week

Fiddler allows you to inspect web browser traffic, see what Internet Explorer (or Firefox) is up to. Very useful for web developing and debugging, and for other purposes, too, such as sussing out the link so I could bring you this.Read More »