Using Getright as download manager in Ubuntu


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Version:6.3e (April 2009)

Yes, GetRight. The Windows-only, paid-for, shareware download manager. Running on Linux. But before you ask – why?

Well, I like KGet and all. But KGet won’t set the date that was on the server, and maybe this is a bit Adrian Monk-ish of me, but I like to keep that date so I know when the versions of things I download were updated, rather than when I downloaded them. Makes organising things easier especially when, like me, you have a tendency to end up with duplicate files all over the place.

So the first stop was FlashGot, an excellent download manager plugin for Firefox that I’d recommend, almost regardless of the download manager you use (especially if you use more than one, for different protocols).

Then I installed GetRight under wine, entered my licence key (which I’ve had since round about GetRight 4.2, I think), and then go into FlashGot, click on the “Advanced tab” and “Detect” download managers and… nope. Didn’t work.

Turns out there’s a little hidden setting… Go into about:config and change the setting “flashgot.useWine” to true, try to detect again… And GetRight is working!


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