You’ve been in IT too long when…

I first wrote one of these lists in about 1996.  I thought of a new one tonight…  see if you can guess which one.

You know you’ve been in IT too long when…

  • …you double-click the light switch and wonder why the lights went off again.
  • …you can not only tell the difference between Arial and Helvetica, you usually spit when after saying “the A word”.
  • …the staff in McDonald’s ask if you want “the usual”.
  • …your light reading matter is by Kernighan and Ritchie.
  • …you can still remember the cheat codes for Doom, Quake and Sim City.
  • …you have to convert sums into hexadecimal in order to get them right.
  • …you think of “the axis of evil” as SCO, Intel and Microsoft.
  • …a police officer asks for your licence and you hand over a copy of the GPL.
  • …you see a printout of directory from an ftp site and know where it came from.
  • …when someone mentions ghosts, you immediately think of imaging software.
  • …you tell someone you crashed your car, and you really mean you fouled up the electronics.
  • …the last thing you “cooked” was a microprocessor.

I’m sure there’s more great examples.  Please feel to reply with any more you can think of…